Saturday, May 17, 2014

my opinion

Over the three weeks, I found some useful websites such as  Paddlet, Wordle, Photo fun, and graphic organizers. First, about Paddlet, it's a very interesting tool to share students' opinions. After making a paddlet page, make a QR code which directly links to the paddlet page, and then let students join and share their opinions on the paddlet page. I'm not sure if paddlet can work at smart phones. But students use it easily on their own computer.

Secondly, Wordle is also good. I think Wordle can be used effectively for teaching vocabulary. Usually students enjoy seeking hidden items. From a picture made with Wordle and looking very strange, students may feel interested in finding what words are there and where the given words are inside the Wordle picture.

Next, Photo fun is a good motivating tool. Before starting today's main lesson, show a fun photo and let the students talk about the picture in English. While students talk in English, they can be motivated naturally.

Lastly Jeff introduced good graphic organizer websites. Most of them are pdf files , but some of them are interactive one. I prefer the interactive one because I can edit them putting some more details.

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