Monday, May 12, 2014

how to use Wordle in my class

With the Wordle file which I just uploaded, I made a worksheet. Before listening, let students write down a sentence in each blank using the words from the bottom wordlet graphic. With the help of given Korean meanings, I guess students can easily write sentences in each blank.

Time to Listen 1
󰁰 Time to Listen 1.(p.68) 주어진 뜻이 되도록 아래의 단어들을 사용하여, 영어로 써보세요.
Hojin calls Sarah. Sarah answers the phone.
Sarah: Hojin! _______________________________________? ________________________________
(어제 오후 어디 있었니?) (난 널 기다렸었어.)
Hojin: I know. I’m so sorry ___________________________________. (네 생일잔치를 놓쳤어. )
Sarah: Well, ____________________________________, but I _____________
(진짜 재밌었어. ) (네가 그리웠어)
Hojin: Did you? I missed you too.
Sarah: Why didn’t you come, then?
Hojin: _________________________________________________ my English test.
(~을 위해서 공부해야만 했어.)
Sarah: __________________________________________________ when I called you?
(왜 전화를 받지 않았어?)
Hojin: Um, ___________________________________________________because I had to study.
(엄마가 그것을 가져가셨어.)
Sarah: Really? But one of my friends told me she saw you at the movie theater.
Hojin: _______ wasn't ______.(그건 내가 아니야)
Sarah: Don't _______! She saw you. You were _______ a girl.
(거짓말 하지마) (~와 함께)
Hojin: OK. Yeah, _________________________. (난 네게 거짓말 했어)
I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to ______________________________________.
(네 감정을 다치게 하다.)
Sarah: Well, you did. I will never _______________________________ again!

(~에게 말을 걸다)

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