Sunday, September 25, 2016

YTN-한국외대 고등학생 영어토론대회 / YTN 사이언스

영어 토론

영어토론 주제 :

Should girls be allowed to wear makeup to school?

(여자애들이 학교에서 화장하도록 허락해야 하는가?)

찬성 pros :  Girls should be able to wear makeup at school.
반대 cons :  Girls shouldn't be able to wear makeup at school.

반대 입장:

It's not beauty school.

Going to school is not about wearing makeup or the social scene, it's about learning and education. Wearing makeup was originally intended to attract men and that should not be a concern during school hours. It may make you feel confident but you shouldn't need makeup to fuel your self-esteem. Makeup masks true beauty.

We are not an adults!

I'm a Korean, so there might be a spelling or grammar mistakes, so please consider it when you read this. First, in Korea, many shops selling beauty products to teenagers. In my school, many girls are wearing makeup such as lip tints, eye liners, foundations.... But its not good. You need to wear makeup when you become grownups, and you're skins will be messed up because you are wearing makeups right now. And, do you think you are an adult? Hey, if you wearing makeup now, that means you're crazy. Mostly, beauty products are not so cheap, so you have to collect money to by them. But you are a student! Don't you think you should spend more time in reading books and studying?

찬성 입장 :

Yes they should

Girls are not the property of the school and if it is legal to wear in public, which it is, you cannot take away their rights to be comfortable in a place where they may undergo a lot of stress eg exams. If the school is public and funded by the government then the "public" school should go by the same rules.

Ban should be removed

Girls wear makeup for one of two reasons. 1) To feel confident; if they feel confident within themselves then they will actually concentrate and socialise more. 2) To expeess themselves; if they are being forbidden to be who they truly are they'll begin to feel depressed. If it's not affecting others around them then I don't see any reason why it should be banned