Saturday, April 5, 2014

The week 5 assignment

Through Feedly, I visited some websites which are related to my personal interests and hobbies : cooking, home decoration and movies. I think those sites are useful to develop my insights and skills in those areas. Actually they were fun to me because I'm interested in those topics. But a little disappointingly there were not many helpful sites which I can use for my lessons because these authentic materials are too difficult for my young students to follow and understand.

After exploring some sites again and again, I found these sites are educationally available for beginners and intermediate level learners.
First one is Dilbert Daily Strip.

Dilbert Daily Strip
Students love cartoons. Whenever we introduce a new textbook chapter, we can search some suitable cartoons which are related to the topic of the chapter. For instance, Lesson 3 of Sinsago texbook for the third graders of middle school is about first aid. I searched about medicine and I found two easy and fun cartoons. I will capture these cartoons ,copy them and paste them on my handout for my students. I think they will enjoy it.

Second, Celebrities on Hulu will be fun to my students.

In spite of the complexity of the contents and the language, if students like the celebrities, they are willing to struggle listening and show great interests and attention. By this, they can develop their language skills very much.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This week I searched Youtube site several times and I found an interesting video clip which is related to my lesson. I saved it with "" which I have been using whenever I'm in need to save a video clip. It's really easy to use. Just put "ss" between "www" and " " on the address.
For example, do it like this : "". Next, just choose file type and click "download" button. That's it. It's a piece of cake.

In my school, there's a special English classroom where each student can use their own ipad. For next semester, I'm supposed to use the room. By that time, I will practice more to create much better blog and as the result I want to build a system to let students visit my blog to do their given tasks. On the blog, I can put lots of educational posts and set links to useful grammar sites. How wonderful! I'm a beginner, but I'll try my best  to learn more new computer skills.

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