Saturday, May 17, 2014

motivating questions

my opinion

Over the three weeks, I found some useful websites such as  Paddlet, Wordle, Photo fun, and graphic organizers. First, about Paddlet, it's a very interesting tool to share students' opinions. After making a paddlet page, make a QR code which directly links to the paddlet page, and then let students join and share their opinions on the paddlet page. I'm not sure if paddlet can work at smart phones. But students use it easily on their own computer.

Secondly, Wordle is also good. I think Wordle can be used effectively for teaching vocabulary. Usually students enjoy seeking hidden items. From a picture made with Wordle and looking very strange, students may feel interested in finding what words are there and where the given words are inside the Wordle picture.

Next, Photo fun is a good motivating tool. Before starting today's main lesson, show a fun photo and let the students talk about the picture in English. While students talk in English, they can be motivated naturally.

Lastly Jeff introduced good graphic organizer websites. Most of them are pdf files , but some of them are interactive one. I prefer the interactive one because I can edit them putting some more details.
a graphic organizer

Graphic organizer for a pre-reading class

Monday, May 12, 2014

how to use Wordle in my class

With the Wordle file which I just uploaded, I made a worksheet. Before listening, let students write down a sentence in each blank using the words from the bottom wordlet graphic. With the help of given Korean meanings, I guess students can easily write sentences in each blank.

Time to Listen 1
󰁰 Time to Listen 1.(p.68) 주어진 뜻이 되도록 아래의 단어들을 사용하여, 영어로 써보세요.
Hojin calls Sarah. Sarah answers the phone.
Sarah: Hojin! _______________________________________? ________________________________
(어제 오후 어디 있었니?) (난 널 기다렸었어.)
Hojin: I know. I’m so sorry ___________________________________. (네 생일잔치를 놓쳤어. )
Sarah: Well, ____________________________________, but I _____________
(진짜 재밌었어. ) (네가 그리웠어)
Hojin: Did you? I missed you too.
Sarah: Why didn’t you come, then?
Hojin: _________________________________________________ my English test.
(~을 위해서 공부해야만 했어.)
Sarah: __________________________________________________ when I called you?
(왜 전화를 받지 않았어?)
Hojin: Um, ___________________________________________________because I had to study.
(엄마가 그것을 가져가셨어.)
Sarah: Really? But one of my friends told me she saw you at the movie theater.
Hojin: _______ wasn't ______.(그건 내가 아니야)
Sarah: Don't _______! She saw you. You were _______ a girl.
(거짓말 하지마) (~와 함께)
Hojin: OK. Yeah, _________________________. (난 네게 거짓말 했어)
I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to ______________________________________.
(네 감정을 다치게 하다.)
Sarah: Well, you did. I will never _______________________________ again!

(~에게 말을 걸다)

my first wordlet^^

Thursday, May 8, 2014


I'm not sure it's really useful for my usual classroom where notebooks and computers aren't set up well. Anyway I left one sample of this app. paddlet sample

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fun Quizes
How honest are you?
Breakup Quiz

10 signs to spot a liar

Lesson 4. How Honest Are You?
I think this video is a good warming-up for my students. The only problem is the language in this video is a little bit difficult.