Monday, March 7, 2016

Lanny Sherwin's "Everyone Is Different"

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  1. We're all different colors, we wear different clothes,
    We speak differently from different zip codes.
    We're short, we're tall, we're fat, we're thin,
    We're square pegs in round holes just trying to fit in.

    Everyone is different, it's really no big thing,
    It's the differences between us that make life interesting.
    Those little quirks that make us work are Heaven-sent,
    So give a little thanks that we're all different.

    Verse 2
    We're wise, we're weird, we're cool, we're geeks,
    We're pieces of a puzzle -- strangely unique.
    But put us together and what do you see?
    The world is our home, and we're one big family.